Zhihao WILL

Vlogger, content creator, influencer, and interviewer, Will has a total of 7 million followers on varied social networks in China. He specializes in making vlogs about cultural differences; his 2015 vlog titled “Finding Your Way to Harvard” has attracted more than 100 million clicks on the internet. As a graduate from the Department of Mass Communication of University of Florida, he is interested and skilled in creating “short videos” that feature a wide scope of topics and events. Having made a popular series of collaborated videos with Tom Holland, Chris Harmsworth, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Statham, he has become one of the rare few millennial video creators in China who have co-worked with Hollywood stars. Often viewed as a role model, Will has helped his followers find their own motivation and goals over the past few years. Inspired by his own experience as an overseas student, he sincerely hopes to share with his followers the increasing power and mystery of “learning by playing”.

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