Head of RT360,
Russia Today

Eduard Chizhikov is the senior producer leading the development of RT's 360-degree content. Ed joined RT's team in 2008 and since then has been in charge of producing thousands of stories for the network's flagship global news channel. He has managed both the story-telling and the technical aspects of the news-making process from beginning to end; now he is applying the same skills and entrepreneurship to the revolutionary world of VR.

VR enables the most unfiltered news experience yet and places the viewer in the heart of the story. RT's panoramic footage has already delivered a unique perspective on a diverse range of news stories. Space360, Moscow‘s Victory Day parade and war-ravaged Donbass region all came to live in the panoramic video format that enabled our audience to become fully immersed in these places and events. RT was also one of the first channels to broadcast live in 360 on YouTube in April 2016 and launched a dedicated mobile app for optimal viewing of 360—degree videos in 2016.

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