Vice President, Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, Alibaba


Mrs ZHENG Wei graduated from the Communication University of China (CUC) and worked for Economy Department of China Central Television after graduation. During her time in CCTV, Mrs. Zheng was in charge of the production of the popular TV shows such as “Dialogue”, “Quiz Show” and the TV Variety Show“全家总动员”. She was served as the Vice President of Economy Department of China Central Television.

July 2015, Mrs. Zheng moved to iQiyi and take up the post of Chief Information Officer (CIO). She was responsible for the production of the main variety entertainment shows, which is one of her many strengths.  On 15th July, Mrs. Zheng appeared in the press conference of iQiyi Variety Show “I am going to school” as the Chief Information Officer for the first time.

On 22th of December 2015, Mrs. Zheng received the honor “Annual Network Video New Media Characters” in the 9th "TV landmark (2015)", the Conference for publishing the results of a large-scale research on the comprehensive strength of China TV Media, for her work in the production of the program such as “Back to School” and “KING OF POP”. In this conference the Variety Show “Falling in Love with Supermodel" of iQiyi Network won the "Annual Outstanding Award for Program Production Organization".

Mrs. Zheng joined Alibaba in 2017 and was appointed the General Manager of Media and Entertainment Business Group in charge of the program productions in the General Entertainment Centre. She was responsible for publishing the vertical screen Information product and The First Short Video Commercialization Open Platform “Fashion 18”and the production of four large variety shows: “Scream Screen”, “Street Dance of China”, “This is Fighting Robots” and “ This is World Ball”.

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